Monday, June 29, 2009


You can create a temporay email address which is disposible. The address will remain for 15 minites and in that time you can read or write the mails. This is very useful for registering in untrusted websites.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

For Yahoo Messenger users........

By giving any Yahoo ID in the below website , now you can check the status of that ID. That is, you can check whether he is online or offline or invisible or busy or............So nobody can hide from you.....

Scrolling Text LED

You can make a Scrolling text LED by writing your own text and you can also select the size of the text. By generating the text you will receive a direct link for your LED and you can use it in any websites or MySpace or anywhere.


Create any Face..........

Now using the Ultimate Flash Face website you can create anybody's face. This is really cool......

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wikipedia in MALAYALAM

Now you can search the wikipedia in Malyalam language!!! Enjoy Malayalees.......

Also for Malayalam jokes, visit:

Jus 4 FUN....

Watch the below webpages for FUN........

Optical Illusion!!!!!!!

This is another interesting page for a large collection of OPTICAL ILLUSIONS........


Learn Genetics

From this website you can learn various aspects of our body regarding the genetics and cells. They will provide a virtual video regarding all the topics like cloning, gene therapy, stem cells, heridity, etc....etc...etc.....


Mughal India

Explore the British Museum yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Grandiloquent Dictionary

This is an interesting dictionary where you can find rare and obscure words in English. You can impress your friends by using the huge words found here.......... ;) For downloading.....


This webpage contains a collection of funny photos taken at a special unusual angle....SHOULD WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!

Font Tester

This website is very useful for comparing the fonts. Comparing and previewing can be done simultaneously. It also allows you to compare different fonts with CSS applied to them.


Death Predictor!!!

By giving answers to some of the questions asked in that page, the amazing death predictor predicts your death date. Eventhough it is fake....its fun!!!

There are thousands of very useful and interesting technical videos and other tips available in this website. We can select any category upon our interest and hundreds of clips are available in each category.


Thousands of Fonts

Here you can download more than 9000 fonts. You can even see the preview of each fonts before downloading.

You can browse the websites annonymously. That is you can protect your privacy by without disclosing who you are or where you are.


Compress any URL

You can shorten the length of any URL.
For example: ---This URL can be shortened to:
This can be done at:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is an interesting website where you could find stuffs like optical illusions, ambiguous images, impossible images, puzzles...etc.


This is an funny website where you could edit an image by adding your names or any text in it.